Create Custom Stickers in FM WhatsApp [2024] – Easy Methods

In the recent thriving era, there are multiple types of communication resources. However, FM WhatsApp has totally changed the way people connect with loved ones. 

Now, for amelioration, developers of this modified app have included phenomenal features like creating custom stickers in FM WhatsApp. This miraculous feature has enabled users to create their custom stickers. Isn’t it a fabulous feature? 

Why Do People Create Custom Stickers?

Users always have apps that allow them to make custom changes. Realizing the interest of FM Whatsapp users, their developers have introduced custom sticker options. 

This sensational feature helps users make stickers according to their emotions and curiosity. Now, users have an absolute command over bettering their chanting experience by creating and editing stickers. 

Types of Stickers

The eagerly awaited query is which type of custom stickers can be designed in FM WhatsApp. So, your reply is here; often, users create two types of stickers, which are: 

  • Regular Stickers.
  • Animated Stickers. 
Types of Custom Stickers in FM Whatsapp

Now, FM Whatsapp users are asked which kind of customer stickers they create. 

Method To Create Custom Stickers in FM WhatsApp

Prior to moving ahead towards nitty gritty methods of custom stickers, users should ensure they follow these instructions.

1-Download & Install FM WhatsApp

Before jumping onto the bandwagon, the users must download an updated version of FM WhatsApp on their devices. 

Download FM WhatsApp

2-Download Sticker Maker

Now, we move one step forward to create custom stickers. Download a “sticker Maker” app from a reputable web page or from the Google Play Store. 

Sticker Maker

3-Compile Images For Stickers

Creating customer stickers in FM WhatsApp is itself an art. Initially, users must collect images for which they want to make stickers. They can use their artwork or download photos to make stickers. 

Compile Images

4-Open Sticker Maker And Choose Image

If you have installed Sticker Maker, move forward and select your favorite image for which you want to create a custom sticker. For this, choose “Mysticker” and click on “Plus Icon.” Now, users can choose a regular or animated sticker.

Choose Image

5-Edit Selected Image

Let’s suppose you select a regular image for stickers. Now crop this chosen image as per the requirements. After this, you can put text and add stickers to this image.

Edit Selected Image

6-Create & Input Name of Sticker

Once you put emojis and text, now move forward and click on Create from the upper right side of the screen and rename this created image. 

Create Stickers
Rename Stickers

7-Add Stickers To WhatsApp

Adding stickers created for WhatsApp is as easy as ABC. Users must select the sticker and click on “Add To WhatsApp.” 

Add Sticker To Whatsapp

8-Share Stickers 

As people say,” Sharing is Caring.” You can follow the same rule and share these stickers with others. For this, click on “Share Icon”.

Share Sticker

9-Delete Stickers

You’ve created these stickers by spending a lot of time, but there is an option to delete them. For this, check the last option in the upper right corner. 

Delete Sticker

Note: Most sticker-maker apps allow users to add multiple pictures from the device gallery. To create various stickers at a time, click on “Plus” and then select a multiple option.¬†Besides these you can check other guides related to FM WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Renaming custom stickers is easy a pie; for this, choose that particular sticker and rename it. 

Yes, people can share multiple stickers in FM Mods. To do so, select a folder and share those beautiful stickers with loved ones.

Creating alluring stickers is also an art. Sticker maker applications offer a number of options. Users can select “Cutout” to develop creative stickers. They can also add beautiful emojis and text. 

Yes, FM Whatsapp users may share custom stickers for official Whatsapp. Before sharing custom stickers, ensure receivers have installed sticker maker apps on their devices. 

Finding stickers in FM Mods is easy; users must check their device gallery to find custom stickers. 

Final Thoughts

People often express their emotions by sharing elegant stickers in chats. However, making these stickers is a challenging mission. Therefore, for the ease of newbie users, we’ve shared guidelines to create custom stickers. After following the guidance, users may create fantastic stickers with a single click. 

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