FM WhatsApp v10.06 New Version (June 2024) – Best Features

In the rapidly mushrooming world, communication methods are also evolving. Whatsapp has turned into a trendy messaging application that connects folks all over the globe. But wait; you can still improve this experience with modified application like FM WhatsApp.

At its core, FM Mods come with many astonishing features, freezing your last scene, creating the Backup, making custom stickers, and much more. Now, a user can download this FM Mods application in a few seconds. Be calm; the whole process is easy, like a piece of pie. Additionally, users can utilise this FM Mods on PC.

For FM Mods download and installation methods, follow the provided steps and enjoy its perks. For this you can see more videos via YouTube or download & save them for SnapTube iOS or SnapTube for PC.

Overview OF FMWhatsApp

A third-party app, FM WhatsApp APK, is a tailored version of the original WhatsApp application. This app is primarily established as a “Fouad Mokdad”. This app includes various new features missing in the official variant to improve user engagement. 

These new features might increase the limit of a group, privacy settings, and schedule messages. But before downloading and using this app, ensure you’re well aware of this third-party app’s benefits and drawbacks. 

Information About Application

From following table, you can check specifications of FMWhatsApp.

Application NameFM Whatsapp APK
VersionV10.06 (Updated)
Size of Application80MB
Total DownloadsOver 50 Million
Total Users100,000+
Last Update 1 Min Ago
OSAndroid 5+
Developer of AppFouad Mods
Ratings 4.9/5

FM Whatsapp Download Guidelines

If you’re an official WhatsApp user and want to transfer to FM Whatsapp APK or create a new setup at FM Mods, you must follow the given information. 

FM WhatsApp Download

How To Download FMWhatsapp?

The download process of FM Mods is easy, just like children’s play. Follow the instructions to do this:

  •  First, ensure your PC/Phone has sufficient space for this latest version of FM.
  • Check your device (cell phone) Internet connection and make sure this is secure.
  • Now, from Chrome or the web browser, write “FMWhatsapp Download” and click the enter button.
  •  Visit the authentic web page, and click the download button.
  • The downloading process of the application will take a few seconds. 
  • Once the FM Mods download process is complete, you can move forward. 

Switch From Official To FMWhatsApp

Switching from official WhatsApp to FM Mods is also simple: 

  • First, create your chat backup to keep your important messages and other files safe. For this, click on the chat menu.
  • Once you complete the chat backup, download the updated version of the FM Mods and create your new FM account. 

FMWhatsapp Installation Process

For installation of FM Mods, follow the instructions:

  • After downloading the FM APK file, find it in your device file manager. 
  • Click on that download APK file to start the installation.
  • Check unknown sources.
  • Once you’ve been granted clearance, then add your cell phone number.
  • Check your message where you’ll receive OTP (One-Time Password) and placed that’s it. Now, you can enjoy the benefits of FM Mod’s updated version.
Install FM Whatsapp
App Installed

How To Update FMWhatsApp?

For a better experience, FM Mods brings updates. The main intent of these recent updates is to enhance participants’ knowledge. For FM Mods update, follow these steps:

  • First, open a WhatsApp account.
  • From the home screen of your FM account, click on three dots and update it.
  • To enjoy new features of the FM Mods; users must update their application. 

Mind-Blowing Features of FMWhatspp APK

Following are some unbelievable features of FM Mods.

1-Customise Your Theme

Users can access an extensive theme store by downloading this app. Now, they are free to customize their WhatsApp. That’s not the end; they can implement new icons and fonts for a better experience. 

Customised Themes

2-Freeze Last Seen

Are you super busy and need more time to reply on WhatsApp? If yes, don’t be anxious; FMhatsapp has its latest feature: freezing the last scene. If you turn on the Freeze last seen option from your privacy and settings, other individuals will see that you were online three or four days ago. 

Free Last Seen

3-Increase Your Group Limit

Are you an admin of a large community and want to enhance your group limit? It’s true; this stunning app allows you to add more individuals to your group. Expanding the limit can add up to 1000 members in a single group. Is not it a spectacular feature? 

Increase Group Limit

4-Anti-Delete Status

Nowadays, everyone is obsessed with uploading statuses on WhatsApp. But sometimes, due to their hectic schedules, individuals miss viewing the status of their friends or any beloved ones. Under these circumstances, they can enable the anti-delete status option from their FM Mods account.

Anti-Delete Status

5-Add Multiple Accounts 

Are you a businessman or a lady and want to keep your personal & professional life separate? FM Mods allows you to add multiple FM accounts using a simple device.

Add Multiple Accounts

6-Add the Same Account On Multiple Devices

FM Mods developers have added an incredible feature in a recent update. The new features of this modified application allow users to access the same FM account from different devices. 

Users can enable this by clicking “Add Account.” This unimaginable feature is similar to the link of multiple FM Mods accounts on a single device. 

Add Same Account on Different Devices
Settings For Same Account

7-Download Status And Images For Free

Do you want to save or download your loved ones’ status or images? FM Whatsapp APK allows users to download status and other images for free without using third-party applications like Snap tube or Vidmate.

Download Status

8-Enhance Your Privacy

You’ll also be eager to protect your privacy. FM Mods offers a variety of new features, including hiding your online status and typing activities. 

Enhance Your Privacy

9-Disabled Your Forward Tag

Often, people forward their WhatsApp messages to each other. By forwarding these messages, the opposite party can see a forward tag along the message. If you want to remove or hide this forward tag, go to the privacy settings page and turn on Disabled Forward. That’s it. 

Disable Forward Tag

10-Increase Forward Messages Limit

If you want to share more messages in bulk, go to this application’s settings and increase the message-sharing limit, generally up to 250 chats at a time. 

Increase Forward Limit

11-Increase File Sharing Limit

If you’re a student or business person and want to share documents or files with friends or colleagues, this modified app makes this task easier. It allows users to share top-grade images as well as large files.

Increase File Sharing Limit

12-Use Emoji Variant

People frequently use beautiful emojis to express their feelings to each other. FM comes with various splendid emojis that can make your conversion more stylish. 

Emoji Variants

13-Hide Videos/Images From Gallery

Individuals sometimes keep their loved ones’ images or videos private. For this, FM brings a fantastic feature: “Media Visibility.” If this visibility option is turned on, no one can see images and videos from your gallery. Isn’t this a stunning feature of FM Mods? 

Media Visibility

14-Hide View Status

Another dazzling feature that users will love is hiding your view status. By enabling this feature of FM Mods, your friends won’t judge whether you’ve seen their WhatsApp status or not. 

Hide View Status

15-Schedule Messages

FMWhatsapp has added another spectacular feature of message schedule. If you’re short on time due to your hectic work routine, this extraordinary feature can help you schedule your messages. 

Message Scheduler

Note: There are unlimited benefits of using this modified application like hiding blue ticks, recovering deleted messages and download the status. To benefits from these amazing features; users must read their instructions to implement them.

FM Whatsapp vs. Official Whatsapp

Check the following comparison table of both variants of WhatsApp and decide which variant is best with additional features.

Top FeaturesFM Whatsapp Official Whatsapp (Meta)
Online Yes No
Variation of FontsYes No
Built-in FeaturesYesNo
Call FilterYes No
Ant-delete messagesYesNo
Fouad SnapYesNo
Status Download OptionYesNo
Lock ChatsYesNo
DP Download OptionYesNo
DND ModeYesNo

Pros And Cons of FM Mods


  • FM Mods has various new features, such as the Anti-Ban version.
  • Compared to other versions, FM Mods is free of ads.
  • You can Pin documents or messages which is the distinctive feature of this latest version.


  • FM Mods is slower as compared to the official version.
  • Users can’t download any version of FM Mod’s from the Play Store. 
  • As FM Whatsapp is prepared by a third party, users may face security issues.

FMWhatsapp Old Version

If you belong to a group of individuals whose devices don’t support the latest version of FM Whatsapp, worry not; there are various affiliated solutions. You can use them to download FM Whatsapp. 

FM Whatsapp Old Version

If you’re looking for an old version of FM Whatsapp, check the provided versions below and download one that is compatible with your device.

FMWhatsapp v7.60

  • Using the FM v7.60 version, you may enable Fingerprint, PIN, or Passwords to secure your privacy.
  • This version, v7.60, allows you to turn off chat notifications.
  • Users may turn on or off the “Mark as Read” option from settings.

FMWhatsapp v8.35 

  • By installing v8.35, users may hide their last seen from their friends.
  • FM v8.35 allows you to block undesired calls. 
  • While installing v8.45, individuals may share animated stickers.

FMWhatsapp v9.95

  • By installing v9.95, users may save profile pictures.
  • They can use FM Mods customised themes, but this customisation option will be included in previous versions.
  • If you’re a student or a business person, this version, v9.95, allows you to share limitless documents with fellows or colleagues.

FMWhatsapp v9.93

  • This FM v9.93 requires your Android 5 version or above.
  • The size of this Mod file is 59 MB. This is easy to download.
  • Due to its customised features, 50 million people have installed it.

Frequently Asked Questions

This app is mainly developed by a third party. Therefore, errors may occur. Users may use this application FM Mods at their own risk. 

If you’re an FM Mods user and want to secure your professional and personal details, use APP Lock. 

You may install both FM and official WhatsApp using the same equipment.

No one can see your FM Mods messages until you grant full access to your account.

Most individuals love this app due to its impressive features, such as app lock, theme customisation, and many more. 

Final Verdict

In conclusion, I’ve shared a top-notch application, FM Whatsapp. Although it’s an alternative to the official app, it presents more features. You may download FM Mods’ latest version from our web page. 

Before downloading the APK file, check its information, like downloading and installation guidelines. Moreover, you can share your thoughts about the latest version of FMWhatsapp in the comment section. 

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