How To Recover Deleted Messages on FM WhatsApp? 3 Best Methods

A modified version of official WhatsApp, FM Whatsapp, is known for its peculiar features. Individuals often use this application to interact and share files. However, these individuals also delete their messages. Also, people are Curious to know whether to recover deleted messages on FM WhatsApp is achievable?

Deleted messages can be recovered. There are three different techniques to recover deleted messages from a sender. If you’re also looking to restore chats or deleted messages, stay linked to explore incredible methods, so let’s begin!

Why Do People Recover Deleted Messages?

Before we move ahead with genuine discussion, it is crucial to understand the concept of deleting chats or messages. Deleting messages means the sender does not want the receivers to read them.

 However, the reasons for deleting these messages may vary. Now, if anyone is interested in recovering deleted messages, follow the instructions and restore all of the deleted messages with one click. 

3 Best Methods To Restore Deleted Messages

The section below provides three top-notch methods for recovering deleted messages. You can also restore messages that were deleted by the source. So, let’s examine these remarkable methods.

Recover Deleted Messages on FM Whatsapp

1-Build In Feature of FM Mods

Before we explore the first method, ensure you’ve installed the recent version of FM WhatsApp. Users may also download the updated version from our web page. 

Build-In Feature

FM Mods has numerous extraordinary features, including Anti-delete, through which users may recover deleted messages. Let’s explore insights of this feature:

  • In the beginning, click on three dots from the left side and select FM Mods.
  • Now click Privacy & settings, scroll down your WhatsApp screen, and again choose the option of Ant-delete messages. 
  • You’ve to check or enable this (Anti-delete messages) option.

After these settings, you can see all messages, even dispatchers, have deleted them. 

2-Using Software Apps

If Anti-Delete’s built-in feature fails, you may use third-party apps to recover deleted messages. To do this, visit the Play store and check WhatsDelete. However, I’ll not suggest utilising these apps because you may face privacy issues in the future.

Third-Party Applications

3-Backup And Restore

If you’re a curious soul and want to discover additional methods, then do these settings in your FM Mods:

  • Likewise, click on three dots in the first method and then opt for the FM Mods option. 
  • Click on Universal and choose Backup and Restore.
  • On a new screen, click on Backup Whatsapp data.
  • Once you click on this option, your backup will start.
  • After completing the backup, click on restore backup, and that’s it.

Anti-Delete is a top-notch method to recover deleted messages, but you may try other methods too. 

Conclusion: Recover Deleted Messages on FM WhatsApp

As a wrap-up, I’ve shared three exceptional methods to recover deleted messages on FM WhatsApp. All the techniques for recovering messages are free of cost, and you can configure them without any hurdles. Moreover, if you have further queries regarding recovering deleted messages, contact us via the provided mail or comment section. 

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