Hide The Blue Tick in FM WhatsApp [2024] – Complete Guide

Do you want to hide the blue tick in FM Whatsapp? Alright, I’ve rare technique that can hide blue ticks in a few seconds. The picture you’ve read of the sender’s messages, but still they don’t know, wouldn’t it be amazing?

In this writing, I’ll uncover methods for disabling blue tick status in your FM Whatsapp. So keep linked to explore these uncommon features. 

Why Do People Hide The Blue Tick in FM Whatsapp?

In the current climate, everyone is Intrigued by maintaining their privacy. FM Mods users also feel exhausted when a sender knows you’ve read their messages. That’s why they turn off the blue tick option to ensure the opposite does not form an assumption about whether you have seen their messages. 

Steps To Hide Blue Tick in FM Whatsapp

Hiding the Blue tick in FM Mods is easy, like smooth sailing. But if you’ve turned off the blue tick option, there are a few disadvantages. In parallel, you’ll not be able to see the blue tick on your messages. 

Hide The Blue Tick in FM WhatsApp

If you still want to turn off read recipients to prevent others from knowing about their message’s read status, then follow the instructions:

  • First, check your FM Whatsapp account, where you will see three dots in the top corner.
  • Click on these three dots.
  • Select the option of “FMMods”.
  • Once you select the FMMods option, you’ll see your account’s privacy and settings.
  • Now scroll down this new screen where you’ll see “Read Receipts.” 
  • To disable blue ticks, you should turn off this option. 

Before setting up blue tick settings, users must remember they will also be unable to see the blue tick on their messages. However, after turning off the blue tick option, the ball is in the user’s court whenever they want to reply to the sender’s message. 

What Happens If I Hide The Blue Tick in FM Whatsapp

FM Mods developers add amazing features to each updated version to enhance users’ interest. The blue tick is also one of the stunning features of this version, which affects users’ visibility in different ways.

Senders can’t view the Blue tick.

If I turn off the blue tick from my FM account, then senders will not be able to judge whether their delivered messages were read. 

Group Chat Members Can See Blue Tick

If users have disabled the blue tick, then only individual members can’t view the blue tick. However, group members can see whether you’ve viewed their messages or not. 

Frequently Asked Questions

In the present era, everyone is conscious about privacy, so they turn off this option to read receipts from FM Mods accounts to prevent senders from knowing about their message status. 

Check FM Mods account settings and turn off the option of  “Read Receipts”. 

Reading others’ messages without being seen is easy as ABC just disabled “Read Receipts” and enjoyed an unparalleled feature of FM-modified apps. 

Yes, you can turn off “Read Receipts” on your FM Whatsapp account for a single person. 

Generally, FM Mods settings of disabling “Read Receipts” don’t work for group messages. These tricks are only valid for one or more individuals. 

Final Thoughts

In the above writings, I’ve uncovered a tremendous method to hide the blue tick in FM Whatsapp accounts. By observing these plain guides, you can respond to others whenever you’re relaxed. Before turning off the table, users should update this modified application to enjoy FM Whatsapp’s unmatched features.

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