Download The Status in FM WhatsApp | Top 4 Methods

In today’s fast-growing world, people use WhatsApp to share documents and videos. Some individuals also upload their activities as statuses. If someone likes their activity, they try to download the status in FM WhatsApp. 

Many FM Whatsapp users can’t save those statuses due to a lack of information. There are numerous methods to download statuses in the gallery. 

Stay calm if you want to download someone’s status and face difficulties. In this writing, I’ll share unique methods to do so. Therefore, stay tuned and read the complete guidelines carefully.

Why Do People Download Other’s Status?

There could be multiple reasons for downloading the status in FM Whatsapp. Some common reasons are listed below:

  • The users download the status; they want to share it with loved ones.
  • They download the status to save it as a beautiful memory.
  • Some users download the status in FM WhatsApp that they want to upload on other platforms.

4 Different Methods To Download Status  

Nowadays, several applications help users to download FM WhatsApp status. However, many users download these applications but still they need to learn how to use such applications to download status.

Download Status on FM Whatsapp

If you’re also one who still doesn’t know about these methods, then don’t fret; the following instructions will make the whole process simple as pie. Most importantly, these methods will also work correctly for the other variants like GB and official WhatsApp.  

1-Build-In Feature of FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp is an alternative to the official Application but has more customised features. This Application allows customers to download and save WhatsApp statuses in their galleries. 

The users can utilise the FM WhatsApp built-in feature to download status. Let’s see how users can use this unique feature of FM WhatsApp:

  • First, decide which status you want to download. 
  • Now, click save from the more option in the picture below.
Download Status

2-Download Through SnapTube  

SnapTube is a third-party app that can help users to download their videos and statuses. For this, follow the guidelines:

  • First, check the status they want to save in their device gallery.
  • Check the above picture and click the share and copy status link.
  • Now, check the settings option of SnapTube, where they will find an option for “WhatsApp Status Saver.” Click on this option and save their favourite status.
Snap Tube Status Saver

3-Download Through MX Player

If you need a different method, don’t worry. There is a substitute strategy to download the status in FM WhatsApp through MX Player. For this, follow the instructions:

  • Check the status you want to download from your FM WhatsApp account.
  • Copy the link of that status and visit MX Player. 
  • From the MX Player settings, you will see the same option, “WhatsApp Status Saver,” just like SnapTube. Utilise this feature of MX Player to download videos or statuses.
Save Status Through MX Player

4-Use Google Player Store Applications

If none of the above applications is working, then be calm and visit the Google Play Store and write “WhatsApp Status Saver.”Here, you’ll find various applications that can help you download status.

WhatsApp Status Saver

Which is the Most Used Method To Download Status?

Potential users often download FM WhatsApp status through its built-in feature. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You can download the status through SnapTube, MX Player, or any third-party app. However, it is easier to download the status through SnapTube. 

You can download your friend’s Whatsapp status through the FM WhatsApp built-in feature or third-party Apps such as SnapTube or MX Player.

There are a few safe applications, like SnapTue and MX Player, that you can utilise without worrying about privacy risks.

Conclusion (Download The Status in FM WhatsApp)

Downloading status in FM Whatsapp is easy through its built-in feature. Additionally, users may use third-party apps such as MX Player, SnapTube, and software. 

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