Customize Notifications in FM Whatsapp – Best Guides

FM WhatsApp has brought a new revolution in the world of communication after introducing speculative features. Due to this reason, the craze for this app is rising day after day.  

To elevate users’ interest, FM WhatsApp has rolled out more advanced features. Customize notifications in FM WhatsApp is one of the striking feature among them. But plenty of users are heedless of this eminent feature. 

Therefore, stay engaged; we’ll unwrap different ways to customize notifications in FM WhatsApp. Let’s explore. 

Benefits of Customized Notifications in FM WhatsApp 

The fundamental aim of these customized notifications is to boost users’ experience. The customized features give users full control to change the color or size of icons in FM WhatsApp. By enabling these remarkable features, users can leverage this messaging app. 

Types of Notifications

  • Message Notification.
  • Group Notification.
  • Call Notification.
  • Message Read Notification.

Guide To Customize Notifications in FM Whatsapp

Customizing notifications in FM WhatsApp is like smooth sailing. To stimulate your experience with FM Mods follow guidelines to customize notifications. 

Methods To Customize Notifications
  • First, ensure you’ve updated the FM WhatsApp; if it’s outdated, then download the recent version from our web page.
  • Select a group or specific chat for which you are customizing notifications.
  • From this section, you can customize conversion and notification tones. 
  • Besides these, you can turn on high-priority notifications that make sure you receive instant notifications. 
  • If you turn on a reaction notification, then it will show emojis or other types of reactions at the top of the screen.  

How To Change the Color of Notification Icon?

Changing notification color in FM Mods is as easy as ABC. For this, follow the guidelines:

  • Check your FM Mods account and click on three dots.
  • From the settings, choose a universal option.
  • In the universal section, select the styles option.
  • Select “Change Notification Icon”.
  • In this section, you’ll get a complete list of notification icons. Now, choose your favorite notification icon. 

How To Reset Notification Settings?

Reset notification means you don’t want to impose custom notification settings. 

  • Open the notification settings from your FM WhatsApp account & click on three dots. 
  • Once you select the reset option, it will change complete custom settings. 

How To Mute Notifications in FM WhatsApp?

Mute notifications mean you’ll not get any further messages or call notifications from that contact. 

  • Primarily, choose chat for which you to mute notifications.
  • Secondly check “Mute Notifications” and select period time like 1 hour, 8 hours, or Always. 

Frequently Asked Questions

FM WhatsApp has more customized features as compared to normal WhatsApp. So, most users prefer FM Mods over normal WhatsApp.

Open that specific chat where you want to unmute notifications. Click on three dots and select the “unmute notification” option. 

To complete the verification process of the FM WhatsApp account, install normal WhatsApp and then apply for the code. Now you’ll get a verification code on normal WhatsApp, copy that code, and complete FM Mods account verification.

Both messaging apps, FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp, have their pros & cons. But, in terms of features, FM WhatsApp is superior to GB WhatsApp.

Yes, you may utilize this amazing messaging application to enjoy advanced features. 

Final Thoughts: Customize Notifications in FM WhatsApp

In conclusion, we’ll have disclosed all the steps to customize notifications in FM WhatsApp. By following customization instructions, users can personalize their experience. For further queries about customization, use the comment box. 

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