Customize Themes in FM WhatsApp [2024] – Best Tips & Tricks

In a short interval, FM WhatsApp has sprung up as an Illustrious messaging application. The only reason for FM WhatsApp’s eminence is its enthralling features.  

However, the glory of this messaging application reached unpredictable heights when users learned about its customization options. One notable feature was the ability to customize themes in FM WhatsApp.

If you want to acquire absolute knowledge about customization features, stay linked and follow instructions. 

Why Do People Customize Themes in FM WhatsApp?

The top-notch application FM WhatsApp has astonished users across the globe just because of its intrinsic customization options. The developers of FM Mods have made these customizations so easy that even a newbie user can customize or change themes independently. 

Best Themes OF FM WhatsApp

The following are Amazing themes of FM WhatsApp:

  • Yo Feminino.
  • Yo White.
  • Yo Dark.
  • Yo Blue.
  • Black Cat.
  • Bella Ciao.
  • Yo Twitter.
  • Yo Telegram.
  • Yo Messenger.
  • Anime Themes.

Downloading or installing FM WhatsApp phenomenal themes is not an intricate engineering task. Even a freshman can download these themes on their own. 

If a user does not find their favorite theme, they can search for that explicit theme on Google and upload it. Downloading or installing  FM Mods themes is as easy as sailing. 

Methods To Customize Themes in FM WhatsApp

A number of FM Mods users need help with theme customization options. In the coming section, I’ll divulge techniques for revamping users’ experiences after customizing them. 

Change Colors

Changing the color scheme for themes in FM WhatsApp is not rocket science.  Follow below steps:

  • Open your FM Mods account and check the three dots option & select settings. 
Click on setting
  • In the next phase, users must check universal options. 
Check Universal Option
  • Press the color option from the top of the screen. 
Check Color Option
  • There are numerous options in the color section, but users must choose the third “Background” option. 
Check Color Option
  • Once an FM user chooses the “Background” option, the new customization options open. Users may refine their experience by implementing one scheme from “Solid Colors,” “Gradient Colors,” or using photos. 
Select Theme Color
  • In solid colors, there will be only one prominent color scheme. At the same time, in gradient colors, users may polish up themes with two colors. 

Above are some customization options for themes in FM Mods that amuse users while utilizing this splendid messaging application.  

Tips & Tricks To Use FM WhatsApp Themes

FM Mods has several mesmerizing themes for users. However, installing these themes takes a lot of work for initial users. However, users may perform this task without trouble by following the following tips & tricks:

  • Always use the newest version to customize themes in FM WhatsApp. 
  • If any FM WhatsApp APK individual finds any dilemma while installing or customizing a theme, they must change their account settings.
  • If users encounter any trouble while customizing themes, they must update their FM Mods to recent versions. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Downloading and utilizing themes is a user’s personal choice.  They can check the theme store and download/install cherished themes with a single click.

FM Mods developers have integrated 4032 different themes. Now, it’s up to FM Mods users to choose, but in my opinion, the black theme is good for users’ eyes. 

A few users have needed help with installing themes. To resolve this theme problem, they must use a modernized edition of this messaging app. 

Final Thoughts 

In the above writings, I’ve provided all the tips and tricks to customize themes in FM WhatsApp. Customizing themes is not a challenging mission. FM WhatsApp users may upgrade their themes by following the provided guidelines. 

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