FM Whatsapp vs GB Whatsapp [April 2024] – Choose Best App

In this ever-changing world, an app like WhatsApp is a gift for individuals who love to connect with close ones. This application has transformed the world into a universal enclave. There are also alternative variants of this app, like FM Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp, with distinctive characteristics.

Most people are probed to know which variant is the finest to use. Both apps contain exceptional features that make them unique from other applications. These features include privacy settings, restoring data hiding view status, and many more. 

 In this writing, I’ll compare FM WhatsApp vs GB WhatsApp and disclose some exclusive features of both variants. Keep connected if you’re also a curious cat and want to know about the best messaging app. 

 FM Whatsapp vs GB Whatsapp: Features Comparison

If you’re still deciding on the best messaging app, then spill the beans and read below about the characteristics of both variants.

Comparison of FM Whatsapp & GB Whatsapp

1-User Interface Customisation

As FM Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp are alternatives to official Whatsapp, their interface has minor differences. In FM Whatsapp, users may choose their favorite theme from the theme store while in GB Whatsapp there are two options; an extra local theme and another one is live theme option.

Additionally, users may change the colour of their app’s home screen, fonts, and icons. Also FM and GB WhatsApp offer night and flight modes.

Regarding speed, both variants are slower than their official application, and this factor could be decisive in picking the best variant. Now, the ball is in the user’s court, and they can select the best one depending on customisation and other factors.

2-File Sharing Potential 

Most official WhatsApp users are worried about the media file-sharing limit. If you’re also an official WhatsApp user and want to increase your media file limit, then these guidelines are especially for you. 

By installing GB WhatsApp, users can share files up to 100 MB. They can also share 90 images at a time, more than official WhatsApp, which allows only 30.

In FM Mod, users may increase their media sharing limit to 700 MB with 60 images. Isn’t this a stunning feature? 

In official WhatsApp, most users can share a status in a few seconds, while using GB WhatsApp, they can simply upload a status for 6 to 7 minutes. As both are alternative variants, users must create a backup of their files before sharing files so that their personal and professional data remains safe.

3- Enhanced Security & Privacy Features

Do you know what people’s main concern while using these applications is? The privacy of personal data and both variants ensure users’ data stays secure. 

Understanding the importance of privacy, FM & GB WhatsApp introduces new features that enable users to secure their data. These settings could include hiding view status, anti-deleting messages, and protecting whole data by app lock. 

4-Recover Data

Another crucial feature that is potentially missing in the original WhatsApp is data recovery. Using FM & GB Whatsapp, you can recover your lost data in a few seconds. Let’s begin!

If you’re an active user of FM WhatsApp and have lost data, don’t be anxious. There are three ways to restore data in nanoseconds:

  • Using Software Applications: To recover data through a third-party app, visit the Play Store, check WhatsDelete, and install it. This app could help to recover lost data.
  • Use Build-In Feature: Check your FM Mod settings and turn on Anti-Delete. Most FM users recover their data through this method.
  • Backup And Restore: Likewise built-in feature check settings of your account. First, turn on the Universal option and then click on backup WhatsApp data. 

Now, discuss GB WhatsApp recovery setup:

  • Through Local Backups: GB Apps users may recover their data through a local backup method. Usually, GB App users’ backups are created and stored in their device’s internal storage. Now, users locate a file with the extension .db.crypt. Once they locate it, they should delete GB WhatsApp and then reinstall it from the stored backup.
  • Through Google Derive: If you’ve enabled Google Derive while using GB WhatsApp, don’t fret; you can easily recover data through Google Derives backup. 

These are notable ways to recover data in both variants of the original application.

5-Release Frequent Updates 

After observing users’ interest in FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp, their support teams release new updates frequently. They add new features to each update that are beneficial for potential users. 

Benefits & Drawbacks of Using FM & GB Whatsapp

Following are some pros and cons of using a modified version of the original Whatsapp.

Pros & Cons of FM Whatsapp & GB Whatsapp


  • These variants allow users to add multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single device.
  •  The users may select their favourite themes and customise them as necessary.
  • They can enhance group limits and share big files of size 700 MBs. 
  • Such users who are super curious about privacy may hide their online status.


  • GB and FM WhatsApp are developed by non-official application developers. Thus, using apps that are not authorised by official developers poses a privacy risk. 
  • These apps frequently update their versions to reflect that their previous ones could have been more bugs.

Based on the above features, FM Whatsapp vs GB Whatsapp users can decide which is the best alternative to the original application. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Both FM and GB WhatsApp applications contain various unique features that are added specially for users to enhance their experience. There is a slight variation in both variants, but most users prefer FM WhatsApp. 

Officials have not established FM WhatsApp, so there may be security risks when using this application. Users can create backups to prevent risks. 

FM WhatsApp is popular because of its customised options like themes, fonts, and icons. 

Final Thoughts on FM WhatsApp vs GB WhatsApp

In the above writing, I’ve shared some prominent features of both WhatsApp alternatives. If you love customised options, you may go with FM WhatsApp, while if you’re immensely curious about privacy, you may choose GB WhatsApp. An FM WhatsApp vs GB WhatsApp comparison will help you select a better version. 

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