FM WhatsApp vs Official WhatsApp [2024] – Select Best One

The communication forum WhatsApp links billions of users across the world. In the late fall days of 2009, this official WhatsApp was released for users. In the continuum of progress, the developers released a modified version named FM WhatsApp.

You can think of FM WhatsApp in this manner: it’s a riveting ally of official WhatsApp with unthinkable features. 

In this comparison blog of FM WhatsApp vs Official WhatsApp, we’ll unveil the stunning features of both versions. So, let’s break the ice to judge which app is preferable for users. 

Comparison OF Prominent Features

Let’s dig into the comparison of FM WhatsApp vs Official Whatsapp to expose the illustrious features. 

Comparison of Features: FM WhatsApp vs FM WhatsApp

Community & Groups

In recent dates, official WhatsApp has made extensive changes. They have added a community feature that would break the bank by attracting users. Official WhatsApp users are on cloud nine after hearing the news of the community feature. 

This marvelous feature allows users to create a community. Also, communities can add or join these external groups. It’s like hunting two birds with the same shot. 

On the other hand, FM Whatsapp has a built-in groups feature. FM Mods allows its users to make a strong community by adding thousands of members to their groups. 

Security & Privacy 

When it comes to security & privacy, users prefer such apps that protect their data. In this context, both apps official & FM Whatsapp works like a guard for their users. 

In official WhatsApp, there is an end-to-end encryption feature that shields users’ privacy. Simultaneously, FM Whatsapp comes forward with unbeatable features like hiding online view status, theme customization, creating custom sticks, and much more. 

Customization of Themes

Themes customization is an unbeatable feature that creates a vast distinction between official and FM WhatsApp. In official WhatsApp, there are finite options for theme customization. A few of them are:

  • System Default theme.
  • Light Theme.
  • Dark Theme.

In the case of theme customization, FM Whatsapp radically diverges from official Whatsapp. FM Mods brings 4032 themes for their beloved users. Now users can give a new look to their FM Whatsapp themes according to their own will. 

Schedule Messages

Message scheduler is another astonishing feature of FM WhatsApp. It produces a gigantic gap between these variants. FM Mods has added a message scheduler that surprised users. 

Now, Jam Packed calendar users can schedule their messages in FM Mods. In contrast, official WhatsApp missed this feature, which is like a ditch for them. 

Add Multiple Accounts on the Same Device

In recent updates, both mods FM, as well as official whatsapp, have added an unmatchable feature. It’s about adding multiple normal & FM WhatsApp accounts on the same device. In other ways, it’s like targeting two birds with the same shot. 

FM WhatsApp vs Official Whatsapp: Pros & Cons

Following are benefits & drawbacks of Normal and FM WhatsApp.


  • FM Mods allow users to share high-quality images of 50MB.
  • By utilizing FM WhatsApp, users can prepare chats backup.
  • In FM WhatsApp, users can make an attractive interface by customizing different themes.
  • Normal WhatsApp, allows users to create a community where they add thousands of members. 
  • Official WhatsApp ensures users’ security by shielding their data.


  • In contrast with official WhatsApp, FM Mods are not proficient in safeguarding users’ privacy. 
  • Official WhatsApp has the authority to ban FM WhatsApp accounts.
  • Official Whatsapp does not support sharing high-resolution images.
  • The customization features are also limited in official WhatsApp.
  • In official WhatsApp, users can create their stickers.

Frequently Asked Questions

In contrast with other mods, FM WhatsApp gives more advanced features. The users can create stickers and utilize different themes to elevate the messaging experience. 

In terms of security, official WhatsApp is better, while for features, FM WhatsApp is far away from official WhatsApp.

No, FM Mods are not available on the Play Store; check a reliable web page & download FMMods.

Final Thoughts

In this blog, we’ve made a thorough comparison of FM Whatsapp vs Official Whatsapp. Both variants have several similarities & contrasts. On the basis of this detailed comparison of FM WhatsApp vs Official WhatsApp, users can pick the best application.

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