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Are you familiar how to hide media in FM WhatsApp? Millions of patrons across the globe use the messaging application FM WhatsApp. It has changed the dynamics by introducing stunning features. Several new features are inserted in the updated version, like sharing live locations or hiding media in FM WhatsApp. 

In a nutshell, FM WhatsApp has changed the lives of users by 180 degrees. The users can also modify these phenomenal features as per requirements. Therefore, stay connected & explore tricks to hide photos & videos in FM WhatsApp. 

Benefits Of Hide Media in FM WhatsApp

Following are some splendid benefits to hiding media in FM WhatsApp:

  • If people utilize this feature, they can protect their photos.
  • No photos; people can also hide their records, YouTube, and TikTok videos. 

So, the hiding media files option operates as a watchman. FM WhatsApp users must use this incredible option to shield their data.

4 Methods to hide media in fm WhatsApp

Let’s delve into unimaginable methods to hide media files:

Hide your fm whatsapp media files

In-Build Feature

Hiding videos & photos through in-build options is like a piece of cake; follow these tricks to hide media:

  • Open FM Mods accounts and check the three dots options.
  • Click on the FMMods option.
  • Now check Universal settings & select Hide media from the gallery. 
  • Turn on GIFs, Photos, and video options.

Third-Party Apps

Nowadays, users can download third-party apps to hide their photos & videos. One of them is to lock my folder, which is widely used to hide media files. To hide files, follow the below guidelines:

  • Download this amazing app, “Lock My Folder.”
  • Please create a new folder in the Lock My Folder application.
  • Select the “Add Files” option.
  • Choose folders that you want to hide.

Gallery Vault

If you’re still afraid about privacy, then you may go with a gallery vault that will secure your photos & videos:

  • Open the application and select videos/images that you want to make inaccessible. 
  • Now put select media files in the Gallery Vault.
  • Additionally, users can choose colorful themes in Gallery Vault.

File Manager Apps

File manager is another alternative application that can protect your photos & videos from others. To hide media in FM WhatsApp through the file manager, follow these steps: 

  • Check the Apple Store or Google Play Store and search file managers that protect images & videos.
  • Download one of them with good reviews.
  • Create a hidden folder & move it to the file manager, which will be approachable through your device file managers. 

Important Tips To Hide Media Files

Before hiding media files, users must fulfill these steps:

Useful Tips To Hide Media Files
  • They should update FM Whatsapp to its recent version.
  • It is recommended to hide videos & photos through the built-in feature of FM Whatsapp.
  • Prior to hiding media files, users must check whether third-party apps are secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, for this, a specific videos & photos folder and moved to the file manager. It’ll make your videos, GIFs, and Photos inaccessible to others. 

Seriously, these videos could be tracked. But worry not; there is a solution. Download the file manager, move videos into a hidden folder, and save this folder in the file manager.

Yes, it’s safe to hide videos, photos, and GIFs in a gallery. 

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, the craze of hiding media files in FM WhatsApp is rising. If you’re also interested in hiding media in FM WhatsApp, then follow the above-discussed methods and make your videos, photos, and GIFs secure from others. 

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