Lock Chats in FM WhatsApp [2024] – Try 2 Wonderful Methods

Are you searching for spectacular methods that can help to lock chats in FM WhatsApp? No, look further;we’ll explore such breathtaking tactics that will assist you to make your chats secure. 

In 2024, the fame of FM WhatsApp sparked when facts were revealed about its downloading history. Across the globe, 100 million people downloaded it in a brief moment. The genuine reason behind FM Mods’ fame is its customized & advanced features. 

This article is mainly based on hiding chats in FM WhatsApp, further you’ll also learn about how to unhide chats. So, without delay move towards truthful discussion. 

Benefits Of Hide Chats in FM WhatsApp

There are limitless benefits of hiding chats. In the following section, some prestigious benefits:

  • By hiding chats, FM Mods users can secure their chats.
  • After using this peerless feature, users can make chats without any hesitation.
  • No external source can access FM WhatsApp chats.

Notable Methods To Lock Chats in FM WhatsApp

Following are two eminent ways to hide or lock chats in FM WhatsApp.

Amazing Methods To Lock Chats

In-Built Feature

Hiding chats through built-in features is like walking in the park. For this, follow these guidelines:

  • Open a specific chat that you want to hide.
  • From the right side of the menu bar, click on three dots.
  • Now, choose the hide chats option.
  • Here, select PIN, Fingerprints, or Pattern to make your chats secure.
  • Once you complete the provided steps, go back to the FM WhatsApp home screen.
  • Click on three dots and put Pattern, PIN, or Fingerprint to reconfirm whether your chats are hidden.

In case, you want to remove the hide label from your chats, check your account and click on three dots. Then click on unhide; this is the whole process to restore earlier settings of the FM WhatsApp account. 

Third-Party Apps

FM Mods users can also lock chats through third-party applications. For this, check any reputable application from Playstore & hide chats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can have different chats in FM WhatsApp. For this, please select the first chat and hide it. Now, after hiding the first chat, you can lock the second chat. 

Yes,it’s possible to recover hidden chats in your FM Mods account. For this check the unhide option from the menu bar and remove the hide chats label. 

Yes, 100% it’s safe & legal to hide chats on FM WhatsApp.

Final Thoughts

In this article,we’vee shared two most familiar methods to hide chats on FM WhatsApp. Now, it’s up to FM Mods users whether they utilize third-party apps or built-in features to hide chats. 

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