How To Record Calls in FM Whatsapp? -3  Easy Methods

Are you searching for quick methods to record calls in FM WhatsApp? Look no further! Follow this nifty procedure to record calls. Plus, We’ll disclose some painless methods to save these recorded calls.

We look at some astute features before we descend into the actual discussion. FM Whatsapp brings a plentiful diversity of features for their Virtuous users. Not this, FM WhatsApp gives a full command to customize features that make it distinguishable from other communications apps. 

So, let’s go back to a genuine discussion of recording calls. Nowadays, everyone is curious to know easy methods to record calls. But, before jumping onto the bandwagon of recording calls, we understand its importance. 

Why Do People Record Calls in FM WhatsApp?

In the current epoch, everyone loves to save their loved ones’ memories. Therefore, they record calls on FM WhatsApp. Not only this, some users also record other personal calls as proof. 

However, recording calls is a little tricky, yet FM WhatsApp still needs to develop built-in features to record calls. For this purpose, users look for external resources which assist them in recording calls. 

If you’re unaware of these external resources to record calls, this information could be the game changer. So, please stick with me and read the complete guidelines. 

3 Easy Tricks To Record Calls

FM WhatsApp doesn’t directly allow users to record calls. Therefore, most FM Mods users depend on external resources. In the below part, we’ll uncover some breezy methods that would allow you to record calls in FM WhatsApp.

Top methods to record calls in fm whatsapp

1-Screen Recording

As technology progressed, developers also added some incredible features to devices. Screen recording is one of them that has turned the tables and made difficult tasks easier than before. 

To benefit from a screen recorder, check your device and search “Screen Recorder.” If screen recording is available on your device, then enable it to record calls. In simple words, Recording calls through a screen recorder is easy, like walking in the park. 

2-Using Third Party Applications

If any FM WhatsApp user finds the first method difficult, worry not. Still, there is an option to record calls. For this, users can download third-party applications that are generally available on different web pages or at Google Play Store. 

However, before downloading or installing these apps, one should be aware of security risks. Now, it’s up to FM WhatsApp users whether they utilize these risky apps or not. 

3-Record Calls with Second Device

If you’re unhappy with the first two methods, then explore the traditional one. Through this method, users can record their private calls without jeopardy. To record calls through a second device is easy like ABC. For this, keep the second device near the first one where you’re calling. For precise Recording, your device must be updated. 

Pros & Cons of Recording Calls

Recording calls on FM WhatsAPP has tons of benefits and drawbacks. Let’s discuss theme one by one.


  • Recorded calls are a source of delight for FM WhatsApp users.
  • These calls can play a crucial role in resolving conflicts. 
  • People can present these FM WhatsApp recorded calls as evidence. 


  • Recorded calls without permission are illegal.
  • Recorded calls can be used in unethical activities.
  • By recorded calls, callers can blackmail each other

Final Thoughts 

In a shared article, I’ve covered all the secret tricks to record calls in FM WhatsApp. By following these tricks, users can easily record calls. However, recording WhatsApp calls is against moral values. So, before recording calls, you can take the consent.

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