Share Location on FM WhatsApp [2024] – Complete Guidelines

A modified messaging app, FM WhatsApp, is known for its remarkable features. By utilizing this unrivalled application, users can recover deleted messages, share location on FM WhatsApp, and make chat backups.

However, a lot of FM WhatsApp users are looking for guidelines to share locations. So, we’ll discuss such unique methods through FM WhatsApp APK users can send live & as well as current location to friends. 

Why Do People Share Location on FM WhatsApp?

In this advanced era, people use modern ways to navigate each other. For this, most people share their current or live locations. To share location on FM WhatsApp, people use FM Mods or third-party apps that help them find their loved ones. 

Reasons To Share Location

Different Types of Location

FM WhatsApp gives you full control to navigate your loved ones through sharing location. The most common types of sharing locations are:

  • Current Location
  • Live Location

Now, we argue about these location types and try to find which is superior. 

1-Current Location

The current location is the primary type of location. In FM WhatsApp, users share their current location, which is actually their precise location. To share your current location, follow these directives:

  • First, open that particular chat from FM WhatsApp where you’re interested in sharing the location.
  • From the bottom of chats, click on the icon where you’ll see further icons listed.
  • From these icons list, choose a location and send your precise current location.

2-Live Location 

Live location is a particular point, where you’re present in that specific period of time. Your live location changes whenever you move around that point. To share location on FM WhatsApp, follow these points sequentially:

  • First, open the chat of a specific person with whom you’re going to share a live location.
  • From the lower section, click on the paper icon and select location.
  • Select the “Share Live Location” option.
  • Most likely, your device (Phone) GPS will be disabled.
  • Enable this GPS & select the duration of time.
  • Moreover, you can add comments from the lower section of duration.

Share Location Through Third-Party Apps

If both options, Live & current location, are not working on your device, worry not; still, you may share location through third-party applications. Some of the venerable third-party apps are:

  • Life 360 (Share Live Location).
  • Friend Tracker.
  • Looka (Find Friends & Family).

How To Stop Sharing Location?

Stopping shared location is like a piece of cake. Check your live location & click on stop. But remember, you can’t stop the current sharing location. 

Prudent Steps for Sharing Location

Before using the share location feature, FM WhatsApp users must know about these facts:

  • Don’t share FM WhatsApp location with any stranger.
  • If you share the FM WhatsApp live location with strangers, then you may face trouble.
  • Always share a live location for a specific period.
  • Once you or your friend navigate each other, stop the shared location at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it’s secure to share location in fm Whatsapp. However, for safety, don’t share live locations with strangers.

Only those individuals can see your location with you’ve shared current or live location.

Yes, it’s possible to share your location separately with those individuals. 

Final Thoughts

Finding anyone through a shared location is like shooting ducks in a barrel. With these two simple ways, you can reach out to your relatives and friends at any place. Further, using these two methods, you must be aware of the consequences. 

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